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KC Royals Advance In The Playoffs

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  • KC Royals Advance In The Playoffs winning a thrilling extra inning game.

    I thought SOMEBODY should post it here.
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    Hey, since when do the Royals have their own subforum?


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      Another awesome game last night. This team seems to have "it." Of course that could go by the wayside depending on how the weekend goes. Even before the Angels series started, i thought KC would give them fits. For as great of a regular season as Anaheim had, with the loss of Richards, i didnt like their starting pitching when compared to KC's. Weaver is solid but not great. Shoemaker is young and banged up. Wilson has been horrible for a bulk of the year. KC has gauranteed themselves 2 home games with last nights win. I picked Royals in 4 before the series and i'm sticking with it.

      G Man


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        Hey guys, Met fan here.... I wanted to congratulate and also THANK YOU for these 3 first wonderful games your team has played. Nice job sticking it to pure moneyball with pure smallball and now serving up some serious competition against the most talented team in the Majors. Enjoy it like you haven't had it for 30 yrs or ever in your life (to whom it applies), you guys deserve it. :cap:

        Hopefully it continues, just don't change your small ball virtues it's excellent baseball to watch....

        PS: Kaufman looks sublime on TV
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        Associated Press -- Citi Field's smaller dimensions helped opponents more than the New York Mets.
        Thanks Sandy Alderson.


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          ^Fellow Mets fan here...go Royals! Way to go, late-inning heroics, and now you've swept the Angels...

          Fans of playoff-deprived teams EVERYWHERE have to be pulling for you, so go go go, complete the Cinderella run!
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            Was it just me, or was George Brett about to shed a few tears the other night?

            I'm pulling for the Roahls the rest of the way, they're my favorite team left.
            "If I drink whiskey, I'll never get worms!" - Hack Wilson


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              The Royals are going to the WS for those who haven't noticed...the Cards need to get cracking if they want to have another I70 Series!!!
              I was going to call it the Missourah Series, but I was told many years ago that you're not allowed to say Missourah unless you're from Missourah...I think me being an Illinoisan (and, even worse, a Chicagoan) made it even more of a grave insult.
              "If I drink whiskey, I'll never get worms!" - Hack Wilson


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                Good Luck Royals!!!
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