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    Originally posted by ShortStop
    Jr is being rumored to be involved in the roid scandal. Does that explain one good season he had?
    Not in 2006 because they're watching these things too closely now. If his one stellar season was several years ago when there was no meaningful drug testing, maybe so.

    According to the L.A. Times (

    On Wednesday, Sports Illustrated reported that government investigators had found documents showing that, in 2004, Matthews had been sent a shipment of Genotropin, a synthetic growth hormone typically prescribed for unusually short children.

    The documents cannot establish whether Matthews used — or even received — the shipment, according to the report.

    Baseball did not ban human growth hormone in 2004 but does now. However, federal law prohibits possession of HGH without legitimate medical supervision.

    He's scared enough about this to hire Shapiro. I think that's a mistake because if he gets out of this people will assume he was guilty and the only reason he got off was because he could afford to hire the guy that got O.J. Simpson off.


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      I am as big a fan as the next guy but don't kid yourself. HGH is not detectable right now with the testing they are using, that is why there are still questions about several major leaguers. The evidence points to a strong likelyhood that he did at minimum buy the stuff, which means he probably also used it.

      Latest story has another jr on the pharmacies list (hairston). Coincidentally they played together on the Orioles and Rangers. At this time the only person talking from Gary Mathews jr camp is his lawyer.


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        Sarge Jr

        Is Gary Mathews Jr. affriad that if he admits to using HGH that the Angels will void his contract ? It was a legal substance at the time he used it, was it not. I know the owner of the Angels wants to clean up the game.


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          Gary Mathews Jr

          Angels' Matthews Denies Taking HGH.


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            I'm happy for him personally but I think the Angels overpaid him. Still, if he can repeat the success he had last year the Angels will be a much better team.
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              can he do it again ?

              Originally posted by talkintexan
              I'm happy for him personally but I think the Angels overpaid him. Still, if he can repeat the success he had last year the Angels will be a much better team. For Texas Rangers news, visit The Talkin
              true, one good year for a career .250 guy. he can play some 'D'


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                And, tell me, no one saw this huge contract coming after a crapshot like Miguel Batista got an 8 million pay day per season from Seattle, and that's a below average pitcher.

                So if Matthew was a below average player, he'd still get from 8-10 million.

                And if MLB GM's continue to splurge like this, hoo boy, I can't wait to see what Rey Ordonez can get if he comes back into the game.
                3 million? 6 million?



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                  Re: Gary Sheffield

                  Gary fit right in here in Detroit. Only a freak accident (a collision) with Polanco kept him from having a 30 hr 100 RBI season. He has matured and the Tigers have a management in place that doesn't pressure him to do the extraordinary! I watched him last seaon after he was injured and believe me he gave it his best. The fans here took right to him. Can you blame him for wanting to escape New York!!!

                  GO Tigers!! The series with the Angels this year should be really competive!!!


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                    Originally posted by Sockeye View Post
                    Mark my words on this one Gary Mathews Jr will not exceed .280 AVG, 15 HR, 80 runs, 150 hits, 30 doubles, 75 RBI, 10 steals in ANY of his 5 seasons with the Angels if he last that many more seasons even.
                    2007: .252 AVG, 18 HR, 79 runs, 130 hits, 26 doubles, 72 RBI, 18 steals

                    WOW!! Very good Sockeye!


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                      Here's my theory: as the market demands the best hitters be locked up to longer and longer contracts - 5 to 7 years - the FA market in the intervening years gets weaker and weaker, causing any average joe to be more in demand, and evidentally driving up the price. Not good for the game, but great for the average players getting paid as though they were stars.


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