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  • ~Angels Game Questions~

    I want to hear from all you Angel fans on this that catch games... We are going to Disneyland at the end of April. Being I am one lucky guy that has a GF that loves baseball we are going to be seeing a game while there. Your answers to these questions odds are will determine what happens at the game. So my questions are this....

    1. Where would you say is the best area to get tickets and watch the game? Normally in Seattle we catch the games from right field lower level. Thing is I keep seeing the water area and think that could be a factor in the overall view of the game. Keep in mind that this is a vacation so we are willing to spend $50.00 for each ticket if those are the best seats.

    2. What is their policy on bringing food into the game? In Seattle you can bring food in but no liquids. I have actually seen people bring in a full pizza.

    3. How tough is it getting auto's of the visiting team or the home team? I read something on the site about you must be clear out in left field. Do they actually enforce that or are you allowed near the dugouts?

    Thank You in advance for any answers to these questions....
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    In my opinion, the best place to watch the games in Anaheim are on the field level baselines...However, Angel Stadium is a very fan-friendly stadium, with a great view from almost anywhere. The only place that is not good is the upper field level seats in right field, because the wall obstructs the view of center and left field...

    You can bring in food, just no liquids....

    Autographs are given near left field, but sometimes the players will step out of the dugout and give them there too...
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      i prefer to sit in the diamond club seats, which are behind home plate. Diamond club can be expensive. if you cant afford it you should try the 2nd deck down the first base line. i wouldnt recommend sitting down either line on the first level because thats just askin to get hit in hte face by foul balls.

      Angel stadium does allow you to bring your own food but no drinks. in certain ares of the ballpark there are waiters that come around and take your order. those seats are usually behind the plate and a short distance down the lines. or you can do it the old fashioned way by standing in line for you peanuts and er jacks.

      autographs are down the left field line before the game. from previous experiences if found that you have to get there pretty early. i dont think they have a problem with you hanging out around the dugout but watchout for the security guards the seem to pop out of nowhere. at petco park they dont even let you stand by the fence andthere really strict but at anaheim i havent any problems.its a really fun place and kid and friendly.rarely will you find drunk dudes throwing beer cups around. be sure to check the arcade and game area in right field behind the scoreboard. have fun!!!!


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        Well we got our tickets in today. Sitting in section 208 as we looked at views over and over on the Angels website trying to find that view we both agreed on. They are field level on the third base side. Could have gotten fifth row from the field but the view was lacking and we love taking pics during games. They seem like great seats and we are real excited about going to the game.
        Thanks to both of you who answered my questions as your responses were very helpful in seat selection and your other info will be useful for when we are at the game. I am still taking any other pointers you are willing to throw my direction.....
        Looking for business cards from any and all baseball teams, players, etc...
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