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    Boy how the tables have shifted in such a quick and nasty fashion around the Halos....Santana is suddenly proving that he can't win anywhere against anyone, and likely will now be too diluted to be trade bait, Colon is bigger, slower and more injury/long ball prone than ever and the bats are still pretty damn quiet against the hated rivals from the Bay. Yikes. Adam Dunn, where art thou? Mark Teixeira from one AL West stinker to a contender? Or maybe Troy Glaus has one more turn in red left in him....All I know is that the team is really playing some sad baseball lately, and a power bat to protect Vladdy (Quinlan batted cleanup tonight, GEEEEEZ!) is gonna have to appear real soon....
    ***Me to fellow die-hard Ryan in our front row seats in section 339 after the Angels scored their tenth run on an eighth inning Tommy Murphy home run (10+ runs = free hot wings):

    "What the hell are you doing, dude?"

    --"I'm flapping my wings for hot wings!"

    "Sit the f*** down and stop acting like a drunk 15-year-old, you ain't Christopher Lloyd and we ain't sitting in the outfield"


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      Congratulations to you, Angels fans. I'm sure you're excited about winning your Division, and you now get to enjoy the most exciting part of the season. I don't know how the final pairings will line up, but I wish you good luck, unless it's against my Red Sox.


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        DickZ, if the Red Sox keep losing laughers like the one against the Rays yesterday, then we should worry more about the Indians, because we own the Yankees, and the Red Sox seem determined to collapse again.
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          Angel's pitching matches up pretty well against the Tribe. If your everyday lineup is healthy, your team is formidable.

          I would rather face the Yanks or BoSox in the first round than the Halos, any day.

          Congrats and good luck!


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            Congratulations to the American League West Division champion Angels. You've been a successful team over the past few years, and kudos to Arte Moreno on really striving to make the Angels L.A.'s best baseball team. I don't like the whole "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" thing (Los Angeles Angels is better to me), but there's one thing your team can be called that the Mariners, Rangers, and A's can't...and that's division champions.
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              Unstickying. Can someone please create a 2008 season thread, then PM me the link?

              Please feel free to continue discussing the 2007 season here.

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