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    Living up in Northern Cal, about 20 minutes south of the Coliseum, and about 5 minutes from the proposed new stadium for the A's. Diehard A's fan, Raider fan, JKidd fan.


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      hi im obal!
      i just want to greet evryone here!!

      Godbless to all!!:atthepc


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        lifetime OC resident and angels fan here!


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          Arizona resident now, but lived in Long Beach in the late 70s and early 80s.
          Rooted for the Halos since the early 60s, and Jim Fregosi is my all-time favorite Angel.
          "Sandy into his windup. Here's the pitch! Swung on and missed! A perfect game!"- Vin Scully, September 9, 1965


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            Coming out for annual vacation to Anaheim. Seeing the Yankees out there 08/08/08. Rooting for the home team.

            I have found the Angels to be first class from top to bottom! Back in 2004, I took my 2 sons to a game vs Red Sox and stopped in Customer Service office. One son had a Mets hat, one a Yankees hat. The Angels rep gave us baseball cards, a free program, a baseball pin, and some sunblock since we would be sitting in the sun. As we were headed out to our seats, the lady chased us down and gave the boys each an Angels hat saying it was tacky to wear a NY hat in their stadium. They were thrilled. The lady also said " Would they treat me like this in Shea or Yankee ?" I replied "not exactly".

            I love going to Anaheim! Hope the Angels win the west by a mile, and love the fact that they own the Yankees (winning record over last 13 years).


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              I'm a newbie to this site. Was a member of the Angels board at the old fanball site back in the 90's. Anyone else here ever post on there? Been an Angels fan since the mid 80's.


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