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    I really don't feel a good season coming. The Oakland A's just checked the mail and they got "The Big Hurt". What has stoneman been doing all this time? Losing key players and signing mediocre ones? Come on guys, what's your take.
    "The AL Team representing Orange County" - Joe Buck "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim near the Arrowhead Pond, south of Santa Barbera" - Dan Patrick "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of USA...near San Juan Capistrano" - Peter Gammons...Chris Berman

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    The Angels will do just fine. They have a lot of younger players that need a chance to prove what they can do. Last year I saw Saunders pitcha whale of a game but the bullpen lost the game for him. Santana, Lakey, Colon Escobar are a fine staff and a healthy (hopefully) DMac and see what Kotchman can do in a full season, the club is a good defensive club, so they will be just fine.

    Besides, the off season is not over yet, wait until opening day and jusdge the off sean then. We don't count the score at halftime, do we?


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