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Angels supporter clubs?

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  • Sid McHenry
    Every time I go to a home game, I see those guys out there manning a booth for the Angels booster club, but I've never had much interest.

    It would be nice if there were a fan organization that were A) fun to be in, and B) original to the Angels. So many things done in Anaheim are just ripped off from the fans of other teams (ie: throwing home run balls from opponents back onto the field).

    The main obstacle to this, ironically, is the Angels' success. When your team is doing well year after year, it doesn't take much to get the fans interested.

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  • CaliforniAngels
    started a topic Angels supporter clubs?

    Angels supporter clubs?

    Does anyone know if there any Angels supporters groups? If not, it would be cool. Kind of like in soccer where they make a group of club supporters whose job it is to create atmosphere and start chants in support of their club. They weare the team colors as well.

    What do you guys think?

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