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Cabrera Traded to White Sox

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  • Cabrera Traded to White Sox

    Orlando Cabrera was traded today to the White Sox for Jon Garland.

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    Halo's better have something up their sleeves?


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      M.Cabrerra will be in an Angels uniform shortly.
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        Originally posted by Ludeboy View Post
        Halo's better have something up their sleeves?
        Evidently, the Halo's did. You got some new guy in your outfield my team was drooling over...some guy named Torii Hunter. How do you think #48 will look in Angel red?

        Congrats to your team. Garland is a reliable #3 or #4 starter. You can count on him to give your team at least 15 wins since he'll have the run support he didn't have on the White Sox last year. Not to mention, I think it's a pretty neat problem for your squad to figure out how players like Guerrero, Anderson, Matthews, and now Hunter will fit into your plans. Reports say Mike Scoscia will use Hunter in center, and possibly use Guerrero as a DH. Or even rotate the bats if necessary. Still...your outfield is STOCKED, and I as a White Sox fan congratulate you for your team's general manager doing what my team's GM couldn't do.

        And think about this...all the talk about "southern California baseball" was centered on Joe Torre going to the Dodgers, and how he could bring in big names to Dodgertown. Well, the Angels have put themselves back on the national baseball map with this deal. You guys got the "big fish", and you've got a LOT to look forward to.
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          Aybar, Izturis and Wood will probably fight over shortstop. That's actually a pretty good menu of options. Izturis is an underrated shortstop who's shown enough with his bat to deserve a chance at a starting role, Wood will be a good option if he hits, and Aybar is a defensive wizard.
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