It looks like the end of the trail has finally come for Raul Ibanez as a Major Leagues player. That trail wound it's way through several major league cities and began with his first cup o coffee in the big leagues at age 24. Ibanez was released following Saturday's game, having made his last game appearance on Thursday, June 19, two and one-half weeks past his 42nd birthday.
Perhaps ideally his career should have ended last season with Raul blasting his 300h career home run on one of his final at bats of the season. Positive effects of his coming back this year included him reaching the 2,000 hits and 1,200 RBI milestones. On the negative side, however Ibanez had a very high strikeouts to at-bats ratio in the 2/5 of a season he played for the Angels and his return to the majors in 2014 cost him three career points in batting average, dropping from a lifetime average of .276 to .273.
Overall, however Ibanez had a career to be proud of, with some very nice career numbers: 2019 Hits, 2128 games, 421 doubles, 303 home runs, 1202 RBI, a .273 lifetime batting average and one all-star game appearance, where he was selected to the starting lineup, in 2009.