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LA/California/Anaheim Angels teetering on the .500 mark for entire franchise history.

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  • LA/California/Anaheim Angels teetering on the .500 mark for entire franchise history.

    Poster "Stolen Single' points out in the Individual Career Stat Milestones in 2014 thread in the Current Events discussion section that the Angels are right about at the .500 mark for their entire history that dates back to 1961.
    In their 54th year of MLB competition their current record is 4272-4273.
    I'd add to this that they would have to be 9 games over .500 - if dealing with an odd number of total games or 10 wins over .500 in dealing with an even number of total games to reach a .5005 winning percentage, which would be rounded up to .501.
    In order to reach .501 by the end of this season they would have to go 42-31 in their remaining 73 games of 2014. That would bring them to 4314-4304 record which would put them over .5005 - .50054 to be exact which through rounding would equal a .501 franchise history win%.

    The Angels, ideally would have played 8748 regular season games (162 games per season X 54 seasons) by the end of this season, instead of the 8618 they'll likely finish this season with. They have lost less than 10 games to weather over their half-century plus existence. They lost 124 games to player strikes or lockouts affecting four seasons and gained one unscheduled game with their 1995 tie-breaker playoff loss to Seattle, which counted as a regular season game.
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    Thanks2 for doing the math.


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      It's also worthy to mention that after losing their first few games in 1961 they were above .500 for the first time in franchise history in 2014 and finished as such.
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