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Forgotten Angels players of the past

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    Mark Ryal & Gene Gerber
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      Marvin Miller's A WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME details the Alex Johnson imbroglio. The Angel's claimed that Alex Johnson was too mentally unstable to play and suspended him without pay.

      Miller was able to assert that Johnson's "mental instability" meant that he should be on the Disabled List and thus continue to earn his pay.

      It is also worth mentioning that Alex Johnson was the older brother of Cleveland Brown/NY Giant running back Ron Johnson.


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        John Orton was a Tom Prieto, Doug Mirabelli type non-hitting defensive catcher who came up relatively late. I do recall that he was involved in the rollover of the Angels' team bus that occured while Buck Rodgers was manager.

        Ruppert Jones was the very 1st. Seattle Mariner chosen in the expansion draft from the Royals who opted to keep Willie Wilson.

        The M's had fans who called themselves "Rupe's Troops." He was dealt to the Yankees prior to the 1980 season. He got injured and wound up splitting time with Bobby Brown.

        Jones played for the 1984 Tigers champs and finished up with the Halos. He played for the 1986 Angels who lost to the Red Sox.

        Claudell Washington was with the A's at 19. He played for both the Mets and the Yankees among many others.


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          I remember winter of '76-77 I was a senior in college and 4 active major league players died-Danny Thompson, Miley, Bob Moose and Danny Frissella

          also Freddie Prinze shot himself same time

          still a cloud in my mind about that period


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            Here are some that I remember from the late 80s to the early 90s. I liked a lot of these guys, and some were quite good but pretty well forgotten now. My favorite was Brian Downing at that time. Some have already been mentioned, and others I really liked but were really good I didn't list (Mike Witt, Mark Langston, Wally Joyner)

            Terry Forster
            Gary Lucas
            Don Aase
            Dick Schofield
            Donnie Moore (maybe better left forgotten)
            George Hendrick
            Bryan Harvey
            Tony Armas
            Kirk McCaskill
            Rob Wilfong
            Gary Pettis
            Jack Howell
            Rick Burleson
            Jerry Narron
            Mark McLemore
            Ron Romanick
            Doug Corbett
            John Candelaria
            Ken Forsch
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