Byron Buxton pops off today about the Twins not bringing him back to the majors in September after being on the Disabled list for most of the season. "I ain't sugarcoating it, but it didn't go over too well." (with him) he said after the Twins didn't bring him back to the majors when rosters expanded in September and he claimed his early season injury had been completely rehabbed. So far Buxton has hit .230 lifetime in 2015-2018, but with only one complete season, 2017 where he hit .253 with 16 home runs and 51 RBI in about 510 plate appearances. He was the Twins heir apparent to take over their Center Fielder Position and in fact, every game he has played defensively in the majors so far has involved him playing at least a portion of each game playing in CF Buxton made his major leagues debut at age 21 in 2015 and he will only turn 25 next week (Dec. 18). His tempermental statement might just be a sign that he was frustrated by his injury and is Impatient for Stardom. He said he will use the Twins' decision not to bring him back to the majors after his injury this year as motivation to improve in 2019..