The Yankees (Savages) and the Twins (Bomba Squad) fought each other tooth and nail for the major leagues HR leadership, especially during the last two months of the season.. With the final games starting at the same time on Sunday, September 29 the Twins and Yankees each hit early ininngs home runs and they were tied again at 306 HR. Then in the fifth inning, of the Twins-Royals game lefty hitting Jason Castro hit a home run to left-centerfield off Jose Lopez and that proved to be the tie breaker. The Yankees facing Texas Ranger ace, Lance Lynn, who got his 16th victory (16-11) and top reliever Roger Leclerc (70 game appearances in 2019) could not break through to equal the Twins mark. The Minnesota Twins set the new major leagues team home run record, with 307 home runs, outlasting and outperforming the New York Yankees, whose final total was 306 HR .