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    When the Twins traded for Delmon Young...

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    I don't ever recall hearing anyone credible saying that Mauer had 30-HR potential or that Young had 40-HR potential. Let's face it, Mauer does have 20-HR potential and I can certainly see 30-HR potential in Young. Let's give them another 3 years to see if they can reach that potential before we laugh at the numbers they've put up.

    I remember, not that long ago, when doubters refuted the claim that Cuddyer had 20-HR potential too. Next in line is Kubel...I don't think it'll be long before we see him approaching his 20-30 HR potential.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll be disappointed in Young doesn't at least approach 20 HR this season, but if he can hit .300 and put up a reasonable OBP (this will be his biggest challenge), I'll be happy with 15-20 for this season.


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      Unless minor league numbers don't count for them, they can hit a lot of home runs. Young also had 38 doubles last year. That said they're no locks.

      Mauer's swing is so perfect and he's huge but the results haven't been outstanding other than 2006.

      Alex Rios used to be a low-power hitter. Rollins wasn't a threat for 30.
      (fantasy football)
      JM: Only did that for a couple of years and then we had a conspiracy so it kind of turned me sour. Our league's commissioner, Lew Ford(notes) at the time, was doing some shady things that ... I'd rather not talk about [laughs].
      DB: Isn't he in Japan right now?
      JM: I don't know where Lou is right now. He's probably fleeing the authorities [laughs].


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        Is Young starting to look like Dave "King Kong" Kingman? Terrible average, lots of Homeruns?


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          Originally posted by NJMetfan4life View Post
          Is Young starting to look like Dave "King Kong" Kingman? Terrible average, lots of Homeruns?
          where are the homeruns?


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            There are a second place 6 of them so far.


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