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7th Inning Cut Short

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  • 7th Inning Cut Short

    I am outraged by the twins not being able to finish their game. They probably wouldn't have won but still let them play the full 9 innings. Seriously! What do you other people think?

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    It's a miracle that they were granted a four hour window of light to no rain to play the second game, there was supposed to be steady rain until 4am local time(another reason for calling the game short). Forcing them to go back out and finish the final 11 innings just to please a few complainers hurts both teams who lose the services of those relievers already in the game and then those who would be forced to pitch later meaning next to nobody available for the second game about an hour later.

    That also pushes the second game back putting it up against the back wall of the storm leaving a guarentee that it will suspended later to be made up tomorrow- once again hampering the team who loses another reliever or two for the final game tomorrow night.

    That's also not considering that it's screwing up the players who would have to play what is in essense four seperate games over two days leading to someone almost certanly getting injured- and if it's a major player on the Twins how would that feel? There goes the chances this year becauses they had to make up the final 11 outs when they didn't need to.
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