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    The Twins have 5 different jerseys this season, the same number as last year. I thought there were going to be 6, with the addition of the throwback alternate in celebration of the Twins final season in the Metrodome, but, in what seems like a late decision, they dropped their blue road alternate jerseys, which had “Minnesota” across the front, which were first introduced in 1997, the first year of alternate jerseys for the Twins. While the road alt was blue, the notorious red home alternates were also introduced, only to be ridiculed and abandoned after only two games. The current home blue alts, with “Twins” on the front were debuted in 1998.

    Perhaps they dropped the blue road alt because I sent them a snarky email suggesting the addition of a red road vest jersey, which would give them a different jersey for each day of the week…

    The Twins are wearing two patches this year. One for the final season of the Metrodome, and a second memorial patch for the passing of owner Carl Pohlad. Having had a previous memorial patch for his late wife Eloise, this might very well be the only husband and wife both having had memorial patches on a team’s jerseys.

    One thing about the patches that bothers me in the placement. I would have thought the Metrodome patches would have been placed on the sleeves of the jerseys in preparation for the season. When Mr. Pohlad passed away in January, I assumed that his patch would have either been on the right sleeve above the team logo, as the late Calvin Griffith’s “CRG” patch was, or above the Metrodome patch, assuming those would have been on the jerseys already.

    Much to my surprise, the “Carl” patch was placed below the Metrodome patch. I find it very odd that the “Carl” blimp was not placed in a more “heavenly” position, floating peacefully in the sky above the dome. But instead, “Carl” finds himself buried underneath the Metrodome in a rather Jimmy Hoffa style. Aside from the “heaven” and “hell” aspect, I just find it visually jarring that the smaller patch is being crushed visually by the weight of the larger patch.

    My tracking chart is divided into six columns, one for each of the five jerseys and an additional one to indicate home or road. The reason for that column, which would normally be unnecessary, will become apparent soon. I have tracked if the team has won or lost, and who the starting pitcher was.

    The 5 Twins jerseys are their Home Whites, Road Greys, both introduced in 1987, their “Home” Blue Alternates (1998), their Home Vest Alternates (2006), and this year’s new Throwback jerseys, which were said to be the ones the team wore during their first season in the Metrodome in 1982. The problem with that claim is that the jerseys worn in 1982 were pullovers, and this years Throwbacks are button down jerseys, worn only in 1972 before changing to the pullovers.

    Through May, the Twins have worn their white jerseys at home 9 times, with a record of 5-4. It took until 7th home game to actually wear them for the first time this season.

    The one major quirk with the Twins this year has been the appearance of the Home Blue Alternate on the road. I wonder why they chose to drop the Blue Road Alternate since they have now worn their Home Blue on the road 7 times this year already. Their overall record in the Blue alt is 8-9, 7-3 at home and 1-6 on the road. The Home Vest Alternate has a record of 4-1, while the Road Greys come in at 5-10 through the end of May.

    The Throwback Alternates have been worn for all Saturday home games this season with their Alternate Red caps with the blue visors. The only exception to this was Memorial Day Monday, when they also wore the Throwback with the Red Stars & Stripes caps that all teams wore. Their record in the Throwback jerseys is 3-3.

    Speaking of caps, the Twins have so far worn their blue “TC” caps at all home games in the White, Blue and Vest jerseys, and their “M” logo road caps for all road games in their Grey and Blue Alt jerseys.

    It appears that the starting pitcher has the choice of what they jersey they wear, as Scott Baker has chosen the White jerseys 4 times at home and the Blue once. He has opted for the Blue once and the Grey once each on the road.

    Nick Blackburn has gone White 3 times and Blue twice at home and Grey four times and Blue twice on the road.

    Francisco Liriano has been made to wear the Retro 3 times and chosen the Vest twice at home, while splitting between the Grey and Blue 3 times each on the road.

    Kevin Slowey is the most predictable of the group, chosing the Blue at home 6 times, with one Saturday Retro dictated to him. He’s opted for the Grey all three starts on the road.

    Glen Perkins has worn the Vest 3 times, the Retro once and the Blue once at home and both the Blue and the Grey once each on the road.

    R. A. Dickey started once in the road Grey and Anthony Swarzak has two starts at home in the Retro once and the White once.

    So far the only anomalies for the Twins have been the Throwback jerseys on Memorial Day Monday, the Home Blue jerseys appearing frequently on the road and the Carl patch buried but good under the crushing weight of the Metrodome patch.

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