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Greatest Twins' team ever?

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    I think this team could have easily been one of the three best in club history if Morneau and Nathan hadn't have gotten banged up and missed so many games- just think how much better Morneau's, who was having a career year and was in the top 3 in hitting stats across the board at the time of injury, bat would have been in place of Jason Kubel. Because of the many injuries though, a lot of guys stepped up and played better because of them. Cuddyer learning first base, Danny Valcencia's amazing year, Jim Thome's prescence, and Delmon Young's surge during the summer contributed to this success. They only have 92 wins with 5 to go, but they haven't really been fielding their best team over the past week and have now lost five in a row, ruining any shot they had at breaking 100 wins. Hitting-wise, this is up there with any Twins team in history. Pitching is another story, but they're doing okay thanks in large part to Carl Pavano and Jesse Crain. I just hope we don't have to face NY in the first round, but if we do, at least we will have home-field advantage.
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      I thought the Whitesox had some injuries but our injuries are nothing compared to the players the Twins lost. It s amazing how the Twins kept winning without such key players. Its funny because now say if the Twins do win the World series, with all the injuries it would be hard to pick this team as the best Twins team ever or least if you look at this team on paper you wouldnt think its the best team, but this team has alot of heart and grit or something because i dont know how they did it. If i was a Twins fan I would say this would have to be my Favorite team. The Twins minor leagues must be run by bootcamp instucters because they just hammer fundamentals into all thier players.
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        2010 is right up there. Look at what they've accomplished with one of their staple hitters on the DL.

        But, I'll reserve my judgement for after the playoffs/world series. If they can take the series this year, their 2nd half performance would arguably make them the best Twins team ever.
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          I have the 1965 team just edging out the 1991 team. The lineup in 1965 was much stronger than the 1991 team. I'll give the 1991 a slight edge in pitching. Granted, the 1991 team won the Series. But it's hard to penalize the 1965 squad for taking the mighty Dodgers to a 7th game in the WS. That 1965 Dodgers team with Koufax and Drysdale was very tough. Koufax only gave up 1 earned run in 3 starts, which includes a 4 hit shutout in game 5 and a 3 hit shutout in game 7.


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            Wow, someone finally argues for the 1965 team.
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