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Go-Go for JJ Hardy

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  • Go-Go for JJ Hardy


    This should clear the outfield logjam, and give us some more righthanded power.

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    This is a great move for the Twins. Gomez hasn't shown much progress at all, and he's a middling base-stealer for someone with so much speed. Hardy's a fantastic shortstop, at the very least, and his peripherals suggest his middling offensive performance in 2009 was rather flukish.


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      To me it soulds like six of one and half a dozen of the other, but I guess we will see.
      "And the pitch bounced right side a base hit!! Here comes Gomez around third, there'll be no play!!! The Twins have won the Central!!!



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        I haven't seen him play all that much, but from what I've seen, he's got to be an improvement over anyone they've had at the shortstop position since they gave away Barlett. What bothers me about him, however, is that I'm not at all sure that his .220 or so batting average of last year is the anomaly that some think or hope it is. In the few clips I've seen of his swing, I see the same flaw that I see in Tolbert's swing although perhaps not as pronounced. It may be that pitchers adjusted to his weakness and he failed to make a counter adjustment. I'm also concerned that, judging from an article in The Mpls Trib on him, he may be more than just a bit of a head case.


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