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  • 2010 Playoffs

    Since Minnesota clinched a while ago, I figured I'd make this thread to discuss the always-exciting postseason.

    I don't think that the recent skid will have much effect on the Twins. The days off between the regular season and postseason will do a lot of good, similar to how the All-Star Break affected them. If you recall, the 2006 Twins came into the playoffs with a TON of momentum, but then got swept by Frank Thomas and the Oakland A's.

    I don't know the matchups yet, but I really hope we are facing Tampa Bay and not New York. Tampa doesn't have the power that NY has, a weakness of ours currently being exploited by Toronto.

    I really hope that all doubts of Alexi Casilla making the postseason roster are gone today after getting that single up the middle to win in the ninth, against a very good pitcher. He's filled in admirably for when Hudson has been out, and is an unquestionably better hitter than Punto or Tolbert. Here's the roster I'm hoping for:

    Joe Mauer
    Jose Morales (better hitting and athleticism to play first pushes Morales over Butera)

    Michael Cuddyer

    Orlando Hudson
    Nick Punto

    JJ Hardy
    Alexi Casilla

    Danny Valencia

    Delmon Young
    Denard Span
    Jason Kubel
    Jason Repko (speed off bench, great defense in right)

    Jim Thome

    Francisco Liriano
    Carl Pavano
    Brian Duensing
    Nick Blackburn

    Jesse Crain
    Matt Capps
    Brian Fuentes
    Matt Guerrier
    Jon Rauch
    Jose Mijares
    Kevin Slowey
    Jeff Manship
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    "Baseball is really fun"~ Joe Dimaggio
    "I really like baseball"~ Babe Ruth
    "Baseball is my favorite sport"~ Pete Rose

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    Not a single post? Are there any Twins fans on this site?
    My top 10 players:

    1. Babe Ruth
    2. Barry Bonds
    3. Ty Cobb
    4. Ted Williams
    5. Willie Mays
    6. Alex Rodriguez
    7. Hank Aaron
    8. Honus Wagner
    9. Lou Gehrig
    10. Mickey Mantle


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      No, they are all suffering from deja vu fever this morning.


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        I imagine this is what the White Sox must feel like when facing the Twins. 3-0 lead, Liriano pitching well, then all of a sudden a 6-4 loss. The key hit was Granderson's triple. I thought it was a deep out initially, but it just kept going, and going, and going... If we lose today, the series is pretty much over. However, we have Carl Pavano going against Phil Hughes, so I'm confident that today will be the day.
        "Baseball is really fun"~ Joe Dimaggio
        "I really like baseball"~ Babe Ruth
        "Baseball is my favorite sport"~ Pete Rose


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          2010- The curse of Pavano's porn stash!

          Deja Vu indeed albiet not very suprising.

          The new millenium hasnt been kind to the Twinkies. 3 straight sweeps in LDS. 6 LDS loses in the 21st century (unless I am missing a forgetable ALCS appearence), 4 of the loses were at the hand of NEW YORK YANKEES. This one looked particulary bad seeing how hot they were this summer and how utterly pitiful they looked this week.
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            They not only looked pitiful, they WERE pitiful. I was only able to watch Game Two.

            The third baseman was terrible! Does he even know how to play that position? He cost the team a couple of runs with his lack of ability. The center fielder seemed not to know how to play the wall. I know a former Twins CF who wore number 34 and played the wall amazingly well. He took many home runs away from opposing teams and accumulated 143 career assists.

            The pitcher should not have relied on the insider for his out-pitch. The ump was calling the outside part of the plate (in reference to a lefty) all night but was denying the insider. Anything on the (outside) black or even just outside the black was a strike, while on the inside the black was a ball. The catcher calls the game and he erred by calling for the inside pitch. It was a perfect pitch but strategically it was a mistake to rely on an inside pitch for such a big out in the 7th because the ump was not calling them.

            That said, imagine what Bob Gibson or Nolan Ryan would have done! They would NOT have sent the next pitch right down Broadway thats for sure.


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