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    And I just got done with the 2010 Playoffs thread...

    I think our first priority is to keep the guys that have been crucial to our title run. Guys like Pavano, Hudson (who doesn't get nearly enough credit), Brian Fuentes (for the short period he was here), and Thome. Our lineup is great as-is and doesn't need anything. The rotation could use some help via free agency or trade, but I don't think it's gonna happen if we re-sign all of those guys; maybe a player of the early 2008 Livan Hernandez type, but not a Cliff Lee.
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    Being a die hard Yankee fan, its hard for me to admit but the Twins are a first class organization. From the smart new ballpark to it's ground crew, the front office seemed to have nailed it on how to build an organization. My humble assessment on their needs. It seems they need another big bat to go along with Mauer and Morneau. Their pitching seems to be okay but signing Pavano is key. Sure wish he pitched like in NY like he does for you!!!!


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