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  • The Killer - Sad news

    One of baseball's great ambassador's is not doing all that well:

    Our hearts go out to the Killebrew family. #3 will be forever loved.

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    Harmon would turn 75 on June 29, one and a half months from now, but when someone is placed in Hospice Care for this type of Cancer, it usually means that they don't even have that brief amount of time left.
    It is a sad occasion, indeed.
    His statement to the press about his medical condition and about his wife's care was both eloquent and extremely touching.


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      He has died


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        Great song about Hamon Killibrew

        Harmon Killebrew by Jeff Arundel... I love this song.

        Don't you love the line 'Harmon Killebrew, did you ever get my letter....10 pages of clear blue sky, green diamonds days gone by"...I can diffinitely feel the guys pain.

        Thinkin' back to another time
        4th of July '69
        I dropped the top on the Pontiac
        And we drove on down
        Down Cedar Avenue
        To the place where the home runs flew
        We had a few miles left to go
        I heard Halls and Hawk on the radio
        And even with the volume down
        So near that I could hear that sound
        Of that rumble in the air

        Harmon Killebrew did you ever get my letter
        Ten pages of clear blue sky
        Green diamond days gone by
        I Wonder Why
        Those days are going, going, gone. gone

        I used to hate to hear my dad complain
        About the way the world has changed
        Now I find that I'm doin' the same
        As the years go by
        I went back to the praire to the diamond ground
        One last look before they tore it down
        They put up a mall with a merry go round
        Like there ain't enough shopping malls in this town*
        Someone one turn the volume down
        I just want to hear the sound
        Of those Sundays after noon
        Harmon Killabrew did you ever get my letter
        Ten pages of clear blue sky
        Harmon Killebrew I need things to get better
        These days are going, going, gone, gone
        Family Autograph Thread


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          I remember Harmon as an announcer for the A's, in the late 1970's and early 1980's. He seemed to be a true gentleman. One of his friends growing up was Wayne Walker, Detroit Lions Linebacker in the 1960's, who later became a sportscaster in the Bay Area. I recall a couple of one on one interviews they did with each other, and it was just great to listen to their stories about each other. Rest in peace.


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            Killebrew was once described by a writer "as an untapped beer keg." Few outfielders looked up for the ball when Killebrew connected and hit one of his mammouth home runs. They just looked behind them. One of only five players to hit forty or more home runs in eight seasons. A true ambassador of the game. He will be missed. RIP Harmon.


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