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    Hey guys

    Longtime poster but haven't been for a while now. Anyways, just wanted to ask you Twins' fans a question.

    I'm heading down to Target Field in a little bit to watch a Twins game; heard it's a great place to watch a game and I have been to Minny before and I love the city. Anyways, last time I watched a game there it was at the Dome and I just wanted to ask you guys for recommendations on the whole deal basically. Where is a good place to watch the game at Target? Hotels/Food?

    Much appreciate any response.

    Thanks guys

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    Hi Big_Mac,

    I realize this is a delayed reply and it may be moot by this point, but if you haven't been to Target Field yet and are still looking for some advice, you may get the advice you seek in the Target Field thread in the Ballparks forum.
    Put it in the books.


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