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    I also call into question the accuracy of that article that VIBaseball linked to. It states that UZR had Jeter at -16 in 2005, whereas Mitchel Lichtman did an interview with Replacement Level Yankees Weblog the other day and claimed Jeter was a -8
    MGL is constantly changing his methodology, so that could be the reason for the discrepancy.

    From watching Jeter i have always gotten the sense that he has pretty poor lateral range, and these metrics agree that that is his problem. I think its ridiculous to suggest that people create these metrics intending for there to be an anti-Jeter bias. Its important to note that the metrics considered by statheads to be the best (Range, UZR) generally agree with the conventional scouting wisdom.


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      Didn't Orlando Cabrera have 8 less errors than Jeter at SS last year?

      I'm not hating on Jeter myself, but I don't think he deserved the Gold Glove last season. I would have gave the Gold Glove to Cabrera.

      Another person that deserved a Gold Glove last year was Blalock at 3B, who didn't win. Eric Chavez won the Gold Glove last year even though Blalock had a better year on the field.

      Still, people get short end of the stick every year, but most people don't care since it's just the Gold Glove.


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        Every year they award a gold glove to a player at each position. Sometimes all you have to do is suck less than your competition.
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