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  • This Year and Last Year

    Compared to last year, do you feel more or less confident about the Yankees going into to the season? Here is how the team compares now to it did going into opening day last year:

    2005: Jorge Posada, John Flaherty
    2006: Jorge Posada, Kelly Stinnett

    First Base
    2005: Jason Giambi, Tino Martinez
    2006: Jason Giambi, Andy Phillips

    Second Base
    2005: Tony Womack
    2006: Robinson Cano

    2005: Derek Jeter
    2006: Derek Jeter

    Third Base
    2005: Alex Rodriguez
    2006: Alex Rodriguez

    IF Utility
    2005: Rey Sanchez
    2006: Miguel Cairo

    Left Field
    2005: Hideki Matsui
    2006: Hideki Matsui

    Center Field
    2005: Bernie Williams
    2006: Johnny Damon

    Right Field
    2005: Gary Sheffield
    2006: Gary Sheffield

    Reserve OF
    2005: Ruben Sierra, Bubba Crosby
    2006: Bernie Williams, Bubba Crosby

    2005: Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina, Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright, Kevin Brown
    2006: Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina, Shawn Chacon, Carl Pavano, Chien-Ming Wang

    2005: Tom Gordon, Paul Quantrill, Tanyon Sturtze, Mike Stanton, Felix Rodriguez, Felix Heredia, Steve Karsay
    2006: Kyle Farnsworth, Aaron Small, Jaret Wright, Ron Villone, Mike Myers, Tanyon Sturtze, Scott Proctor

    2005: Mariano Rivera
    2006: Mariano Rivera
    Better Than Last Year
    About The Same As Last Year
    Worse Than Last Year
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    Originally posted by DoubleX
    2005: Derek Jeter
    2006: Alex Rodriguez
    That's the first I've heard about that.
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      Originally posted by BoofBonser26
      That's the first I've heard about that.
      Good catch. I'll fix that. Thanks!


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        This years team is better imo. The big difference is in CF. Last year we were hoping that a player past his prime in Bernie to produce. This year we have Damon whose in his prime and has a little more range in the outfield. In the starting rotation we had a lot of questions concerning Wright and Pavano. This year we have Chacon and Wang and we seen what they are both capable of. The Bullpen is a push for the reason being we had Gordon as our setup man and now Farnsworth who is a ?. Overall I think that this year we have a beter team.
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          Damon is a plus on balance and gets Jeter back to batting 2nd. Whether Phillips is any improvement over Martinez we wait to see, but it will have to be at the plate, not around the bag. Cano obviously an upgrade over Cairo at the plate, though needs to work on fielding. Agree with a forumer elsewhere that DH is potentially a weak spot, but we can only hope for a last great hurrah from Bernie. More arms in the relief corps, plus Chacon and Wang, make a better staff. Overall, age remains an issue but the team is improved. One thing for sure is that it won't lead the league in base-stealing, but it might lead in opponents trying to take extra bases.


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