I should've posted this earlier. Just as Rachel Robinson has always stood by very wonderfully as a glowing example and reminder that the legacy of Jackie Robinson still exists, our own Diane Munson has always stood as a very great person who's long honored her late husband's name, and even appeared at the 2004 Old Timer's Day, which was the 25th anniversary of Thurman's unfortunate passing. The only woman there on the field at Yankee Stadium, and every single one of the Yankee greats gave her very respectful looks and cheers as she threw out the first pitch.

Here's an article from Captain Thurm's Official Website about the August 2, 1979 aircraft incident, including valient but vainful attempts to rescue him.

Hero's death; survivor's story

Old-Timers Day, a summer Saturday, and fans in Yankee colors fill the sidewalks and streets around the old ballpark in the Bronx.

Under the elevated subway station, out beyond Monument Park, business is bustling. Stores showcase "15 Munson" shirts alongside "3 Ruth" ... "4 Gehrig" .. "5 DiMaggio."

Countless toddlers are wearing "15 Munson," many with parents too young to really remember the catcher, captain and anchor of the '70s teams that restored Yankee glory.

Thurman Munson never became an old-timer.

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Here's the article about the event that honored the man himself, the retired #15 and ex-Yankee farmhand, Thurman Munson.

Cano receives Thurman Munson Award
Five athletes honored at 26th annual awards dinner

NEW YORK -- Twenty-six years later, Diana Munson still looks forward to the annual awards dinner that honors her late husband, Thurman Munson.
In fact, the widow of the former Yankees captain gets more excited for the event each year, as new honorees show up to help raise money for a worthy cause.

"They actually seem excited and honored to be a part of it, which is touching for me," Munson said. "Some of them weren't even born when this dinner started 26 years ago."

That was the case this year, as the 23-year-old Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano was one of five athletes to receive a Thurman Munson Award on Tuesday night at the Marriott Marquis in Midtown Manhattan.

"It's great to be here for this," said Cano, who was accompanied by his parents. "I'm so excited to get this award tonight."

Other honorees included Astros pitcher (and former Yankee) Andy Pettitte and Orioles pitcher Kris Benson, who was dealt to Baltimore by the Mets on Jan. 21. Former New York Rangers star Adam Graves and former Knicks fan-favorite Charles Oakley were also honored at the dinner.

"It's great to be back in New York, and I'm extremely proud to accept a Thurman Munson Award," Pettitte said. "Coming up in the Yankees organization, his name and face were all over the place. He played the game hard and the right way, and I've tried to do that over the years."

When Pettitte learned that he would be honored with a Munson Award, he made sure to clear his calendar in order to be in New York for the event.

"He was a great player and captain, and in the nine years I spent there, I'd walk by his locker every day," Pettitte said. "When you look at it, you know he meant a lot."

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