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Tigers-Yankees August 24: Base-brawl at its Best.

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  • Tigers-Yankees August 24: Base-brawl at its Best.

    aug.24: First really good fight in the majors all year. Sanchez deserves a 10 to 15 game suspension for being the 3rd man in in a fight - 2 against 1 is never fair. . 5 game suspension for Romine and maybe 3 games for Miggy. Let the two NYY catchers serve their penalties consecurively and not concurrently.- That would be the appropriate punishments IMO.

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    I saw somebody try to make the claim that the McCann beaning was unintentional. Players don't get beaned like that every day. For it to be unintentional, we'd have to believe that it just happened to occur at the worst possible time. Now, I'm not a fan of either team so I'm just looking at this as an unbiased observer. Yes, it's stupid to intentionally hit a player in that situation. It's equally stupid to run out onto the field and start swinging punches knowing that it'll earn you a suspension. Are they in a playoff run? Yes, but it seems to be really inconsequential to certain individuals on this team. Hey, nobody said they were smart.
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      Shouldn't the title of this thread say "worst " instead of best?
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        Miguel Cabrera said that Aaron Judge also tried to hold him while other Yankees punched him, but this year's Golden Boy, Judge gets off scot-free.


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