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Why the Yankees losing so many like on Facebook?

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  • Why the Yankees losing so many like on Facebook?

    Just curious and thought somebody here might have an idea. I have been following the facebook likes on Major League Teams and most have been losing many likes on facebook in the last month and a half. I know some might be fareweather fans disliking teams who are out of the playoff race but it is affecting most MLB teams even those still in the thick of things . For example the Yankees have lost over 10,000 likes since 8/1/17. Is facebook purging fake accounts? I know this is not important to most but in the age of social media and its relevance to millenials, I believe it is something worth investigating. This might be a sign that the product MLB offers is losing customers!
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    The drop in net facebook likes continues this month for most MLB teams! The team I decided to pick on for obvious reasons, the Yankees, lost almost 10K likes this month. In the middle of a successful playoff run, the team has lost almost 20k likes. I guess I would understand this happening to teams like Pittsburgh or Tampa Bay who were eliminated from the playoff chase some time ago, but other teams qualifying for the playoffs show the same results. The Boston Red Soxs have lost 8K this month, the Cubs 19k, and the LA Dodgers lost 13k. Even the Cleveland Indians, who have practically played .900 ball the last 45 days of the season, only net gained less than 2K likes. Overall, MLB has net lost over 150K likes in the same two month period. Again, I understand this might not be important or it might just be a cyclical thing (I have only been following this season), but, I would like to get some opinions as to why this might be happening. My thoughts are:

    1. Facebook is purging fake likes
    2. Massive fair-weather fans moving on to something else
    3. Social Media users moving away from Facebook to some other source for news and entertainment (twitter)
    4. Millenials are just not loyal Baseball fans while older Baseball fans are slowly passing on to the "Field of Dreams"


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