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2018 Spring Training

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  • 2018 Spring Training

    A few days ago Boone said that either Judge or Stanton would bat 2nd. Is it that important to go lefty-righty-lefty-righty? I like Didi-Gardner-Sanchez-Stanton-Bird-Judge. Do we really want Judge and his 200 k’s batting second? Today he says that Bird will bat third.
    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,and welcome to Yankee Stadium. Here are the lineups for todays game...

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    Judge may strike out a lot, but he also walks a ton to give him a high on-base pct, so I would be fine with it. I'm also a big proponent on going lefty/righty throughout the line up. I would only bunch up the right-handed bats when facing a tough left-handed pitcher, ie: Chris Sale.

    1. Gardner
    2. Judge
    3. Bird
    4. Stanton
    5. Didi
    6. Sanchez
    7. Hicks
    8. Drury
    9. Torreyes (first three weeks) Gleyber Torres
    "We're relying on you to take the memories from this stadium, and add them to the new memories we make at the new Yankee Stadium, and continue to pass them on from generation to generation." Derek Jeter: September 21, 2008.


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