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The New York Yankees All-Time 25-Man Roster (Franchise Combined With A 26th Man)

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  • The New York Yankees All-Time 25-Man Roster (Franchise Combined With A 26th Man)

    C: Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey
    1B: Lou Gehrig, Don Mattingly
    2B: Robinson Cano, Willie Randolph, Tony Lazzeri (Honorable Mention)
    3B: Alex Rodriguez, Graig Nettles
    SS: Derek Jeter, Phil Rizzuto
    LF: Mickey Mantle, Roy White (26th Man)
    CF: Joe DiMaggio, Bernie Williams
    RF: Babe Ruth, Charlie Keller (DH)
    SP: Whitey Ford, Lefty Gomez, Ron Guidry, Andy Pettitte, Red Ruffing
    RP: Mariano Rivera, Dave Righetti, Goose Gossage, Sparky Lyle, Johnny Murphy
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    I'd take Johnny Murphy off and replace him with Roy White in left field.


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      Originally posted by morpheus1776 View Post
      I'd take Johnny Murphy off and replace him with Roy White in left field.
      It was hard for me to leave Roy White off the list, but I'm making a rule of exactly 10 pitchers (5 starting, 5 relieving) per team. You could replace Maris with him, potentially, but Maris is too big of a name in Yankees lore to not include.


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        You could remove Johnny Murphy and let Babe Ruth pitch


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          I'd take Joe Gordon over Lazzeri or Randolph.
          My top 10 players:

          1. Babe Ruth
          2. Barry Bonds
          3. Ty Cobb
          4. Ted Williams
          5. Willie Mays
          6. Alex Rodriguez
          7. Hank Aaron
          8. Honus Wagner
          9. Lou Gehrig
          10. Mickey Mantle


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            Gordon was an excellent player, being a right handed hitter hurt him at Yankee Stadium ( and Cleveland Stadium as well) where he played the majority of his games. He hit for a decent average, very good power and was an outstanding fielder. Gordon was also a victim of the WWII conscription. He was a better fielder than Lazzeri and Randolph -although Willie could hold his own. Looking at offensive numbers beyond the slash numbers and doing some calculations, I come up with this (I took each player's career numbers and not only those as a Yankee):

            Slash line: Gordon was hurt by Yankee Stadium -about 9%, Lazzeri played even, and Randolph helped by 5%

            Gordon: .268/.357/.466 OPS+ 120
            Randolph: .276/.373/.351 OPS+ 104
            Lazzeri: .292/.380/.467 OPS+ 121

            G: .249/.376/.437 tOPS+ 99 (118.8)
            R: .276/.343/.366 tOPS+ 110 (114.4)
            L: .303/.380/.489 tOPS+ 107 (129.5)

            Men On:
            G: .263/.356/.456 tOPS+ 98 (117.6)
            R: .292/.391/.376 tOPS+ 112 (116.5)
            L: .304/.382/.478) tOPS+ 104 (125.8)

            High Leverage
            G: .243/.339/.343 tOPS+ 79 (94.8)
            R: .273/.373./351 tOPS+ 100 (104)
            L: .311/.385/.505 tOPS+ 110 (133.1)

            Outs made/simple runs created (RBI + R - HR)
            G: 4437/1631 = 2.72 outs per run created
            R: 6284/1867 = 3.37 outs per run created
            L: 4660/2002 = 2.33 outs per run created

            Randolph for the most part batted near the top of the order; this and his lack of power resulted in a low RBI total. Gordon and Lazzeri, however batted 5th, 6th and 7th for most of their careers.

            Lazzeri clearly has the edge offensively. Gordon was an excellent player, no doubt about that. However he tended to fold in high leverage situations and was a tad below HIS average with men on or with RISP. It's a difficult choice, but I would not put Gordon easily over Randolph or Lazzeri.
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