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2019-2020 New York Yankees Off-Season Thread

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  • 2019-2020 New York Yankees Off-Season Thread

    As the Yankees lost the 2019 ALCS, so ends our streak of being in the World Series for 9 consecutive decades (1920s-2000s). The 2010s have been the only chance where we could have been in the World Series at least once in every decade since the 20s, but the Astros kinda ruined it for us. However, I just think that maybe they'll just do a bit better next year by just doing whatever they can in the offseason.


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    The Yankees are suffering from the "Curse of the Steinbrenners / New York City." When the Yankees won in 2009, the original / renovated Stadium was still standing. By May of 2010, it had been demolished. It's not wise to mess with the great players and most successful franchise in sport's history.


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      I don't think demolishing a stadium would really hurt the chances of the Yankees to win another World Series. Keep in mind that they mainly just screwed up throughout the 2010s, probably because of their managers, including Aaron Boone. I just think they mainly choked and the Astros are a really powerful team since 2017.


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        Brian Cashman is an incompetent General Manager. Period. He fired a good manager to bring in his Saber-metric puppet and refused to build a team that could match Houston in the area of STARTING PITCHING. But then again, Cashman has always demonstrated he's a clueless moron when it comes to gauging starting pitching talent (Kei Igawa anyone??? SONNY GRAY instead of Verlander when he had the chance??) so it's no surprise he thought this team could get to the World Series with a spit and glue pitching staff.

        And unfortunately because Hal is a milquetoast who doesn't want to be compared to his father, Cashman will remain and keep screwing up this team completely by getting us deadweight junk like Encarnacion and coddling Sanchez when he played much better under Girardi.

        This morning I'm more upset by how the Yankees continue to be held back thanks to a brainless dork who should have been fired years ago.


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          Brian Cashman tries to do a half a**ed moneyball type of thing. Rather than spend the huge money for the guaranteed star he wants to do it by going halfway. Sonny Gray, Paxton, Urshela, Voit etc. Copy Oakland and you'll be Oakland. Ego maniac who wants us to gloat over his "finds" rather than go for the bonafide star. The one time he did do it he got Stanton. How's
          he workin' out for you?


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            I hope you weren't complaining when he flipped Chapman for Torres or about Paxson in Game 5, much less LeMahieu. If you are going to expect to get every guy on the market you'll be disappointed or kicking rocks when it turns out like Stanton. They didn't exactly tear it up when the got all the A list guys like ARod, Giambi and Sheffield. Has the lesson of the "core 4" been forgotten so quickly?


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              Copy Oakland and you know what you end up with? Perpetual post-season futility! Yes, Chapman for Torres was great but that trade came about because the team had fallen apart thanks to his bad moves before that, namely Jacoby Ellsbury whose signing makes Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps look brilliant by comparison (insomuch as the Ellsbury signing was the albatross that stopped them from getting true ace pitching).

              And I would point out that the ONLY time Cashman has won a title as the sole power broker came when he took advantage of expiring contracts (Giambi, Mussina, Pavano) to be able to afford the three biggest free agents available prior to 2009.


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