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    This is probably going to sound crazy to alot of Yankee fans but I think we should trade Judge and Sanchez. Before you call me crazy, let me explain. Judge is amazing and one of the best power hitters I've ever seen. The problem is, I don't see him playing much because he's always injured. He's missed most of the last 2 seasons on the IL. His contact runs through 2022 and then he is going to want to be paid. It seems to me that its not worth the risk of keeping an oft-injured power hiitter, and we have 2. We are already stuck with Stantons contract until 2027. Our best players in the minors are OF in Florian and Dominguez so we have talent coming up. Dont forget we still have Frazier and Tauchman who are 2 players that contribute. With that in mind, Judge can be expendable. As for Sanchez, he is so horrid at playing defense that its almost embarrassing. He seemed to get better in 2019, but I don't know if it was the delayed start of the season or something personal but he's back to his old ways and allowing passed ball after passed ball. J.T. Realmuto will be a FA and is one of the best catchers in the game. We can either go for him and spend the money wiser, or stick with the young talent we have already at C. If we package those 2 players in a trade to a team that has an abundance of SP and RP but needs bats, it would be the perfect scenario. We need a dominant number 2 behind Cole. I was hoping we could get Clevinger but then Padres nabbed him in a great trade. Just need Judge to get healthy enough that a team would take him. Although there will always be concerns about Judges durability. Any thoughts? Am I crazy for proposing this?

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