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With Sheffield's $13m option for 2007 "likely" to be picked up ...

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  • With Sheffield's $13m option for 2007 "likely" to be picked up ...

    he's now a man on a mission. If it's picked up, in what role will he play? Will he still play RF? Will the Yanks trade for or get an FA player to go in RF so that Sheffield can be the DH we'd hoped for in Ruben Rivera?

    Oh, he also wants to win it all in the Fall Classic.

    Gary Sheffield won a World Series with the
    Marlins in 1997, but he is determined to raise
    the trophy in the Bronx. (Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

    Sheff's 'mission': Win ring with Yanks
    GM Cashman tells slugger team likely to pick up '07 option

    TAMPA, Fla. -- Everybody expected Gary Sheffield to arrive at camp on Tuesday and declare his desire for the Yankees to pick up his option for the 2007 season.

    Sheffield, who has been known to speak his mind throughout his career -- especially with regards to his contract -- didn't make any demands on Tuesday. In fact, he didn't even bring up the topic.

    Instead, Brian Cashman did it for him.

    "He pulled me to the side and shut the door," Sheffield said. "I thought I did something wrong on the first day."

    On the contrary, the Yankees' general manager met privately with Sheffield after the right fielder finished with his physical, telling the nine-time All-Star that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the club would likely pick up the $13 million option.
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    Sheffield a DH for $13 million for one year? You got to be kidding.

    If he will have a solid 2006 season, I think we should keep him in RF.

    If his numbers will decline, I would let him go.


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      Sheffield was pretty moody yesterday. He came to camp and trashed, Cashman and Steinbrenner. Later on in the day, he and Cashman had a closed door meeting and when he emerged he was all smiles and then began to lambaste the media.

      Here he is talking about Cashman:
      "I trust him, but I don't trust him totally," Sheffield said of Cashman. "I don't trust no one totally. Until it's on paper I don't trust."

      After the meeting took place Sheffield had this to say:
      "It's about doing it the right way; we are not going to let the media come between us,"

      What a character.

      Here's the NY Post Link (subscription needed)
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        Well, Sheffield is getting up there years. Many would believe he going to have decline in his offensive production at some point. Not sure if the Yankees should pick up his option until the season over. I'll be a bit surprised if they pick up his 13$ option during Spring Training. Maybe during the season if Sheffield still continues to be as productive as he has been since becoming a Yankee.


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          Considering he hasn't really fallen off much and he's now 37 and will be 38 after the World Series, any huge precipitous drop off would have occured already. (unless it begins this year, knock on wood) Sheffield is an anomoly. He's aged amazingly well. Better than Bonds as Sheff can still run and throw. My honest guess is the Yankees are gonna pick up his option leave him in RF.

          Bear in mind what happens after 2007 and Sheffield's option year is over... Ichiro's contract is up and he's vocally unhappy in Seattle. If the Yankees hadn't picked up Damon I would have said for sure they'd go after Ichiro but now I'm not so sure, coupled by the fact he'll be 34 by then (he's about 2 weeks older than Damon) makes it seem unlikely but the Yankees always go after older proven guys and Sheffield was 35 (I think) when they picked him up. Plus imagine the media benefit of having both Ichiro and Matsui on the same team. The Japanese viewers would no longer be split between Seattle and New York... and we all know how Matsui's Japanese appeal helps drive the Yankee money machine...


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