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Yankees Talk from Tampa with Beat Writer Jim Baumbach

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  • Yankees Talk from Tampa with Beat Writer Jim Baumbach

    We had Newsday’s Yankees beat writer Jim Baumbach on live with us from Tampa last night on my 100% commercial-free, no one makes a dime from it, Long Island Sports Talk radio show.

    Please go here for the interview:

    For some reason, there was a tremendous amount of static in the area that was going to be picked up by the sound board, so I had the decrease my mic’s input into the board. As a result, you might not clearly hear my question but Jim (which is the most important thing) and my co-host can be heard loud and clear. If you were listening over the air, you could hear me fine, as well. So, I’ve provided a list of topics discussed in the 33 commercial-free minute interview (in chronological order) as a guide:

    --Jim (and Sweeney Murti) being hit by George Steinbrenner’s golf cart
    --ARod and the Dominican/US saga
    --Mike Mussina
    --Jason Giambi’s weight
    --The Yankees and the World Baseball Classic
    --Mel Stottlemyre being back in Camp
    --Bernie Williams
    --Randy & Posada
    --Carl Pavano
    --Jaret Wright
    --Aaron Small (Jim calls him the nicest person he has ever met in baseball.)
    --Scott Erickson
    --Randy’s propensity to announce his stats
    --Andy Phillips/Kelly Stinnett/Ben Davis
    --A discussion on how the roster is basically already settled
    --Tino Martinez as an analyst
    --Larry Bowa
    --Joe Torre
    --Lou Piniella
    --Hideki Matsui
    --Gary Sheffield
    --The Yankees having a Japanese media advisor
    --A discussion of writers’ access to players during Spring Training, and why so many of the stories seem to be the same across different newspapers on the same day.
    --A discussion on whether any young players could surprisingly make the team, ala Cano and Wang
    --Cano and the WBC

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