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Mercer to have a biopsy

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  • Mercer to have a biopsy

    Here is an article on Bobby Mercer who will undergo a biopsy early next week to determine if the cancer he has been battling for more than a year has returned.

    I hope everything is OK with him. I'll burn a :candle: for him.

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    This is horrible news.

    I should probably post this in the 'Your favorite player as a kid' thread, because he was. I admit this even at the risk of being shunned by my fellow Flushing faithfull.

    I wore number 1 always as a kid, even when he returned to the Yankees and had to settle for # 2, I stuck with 1. When the Cubs would come to town I went to every game possible. It was the best of both worlds for me, I was at Shea, which I loved more than anywhere in the world, watching my team, and I got to see my favorite player of all time.

    Murcer's game the nite of Munson's funeral was one of the only 2 moments in NY sports history, imo, that transended sport and made you relise baseball is just a part of more important things, but a special part. ( the other is the post 9/11 Piazza game)

    He's been a terrific announcer all these years, easy to listen to, no arrogance, sense of humor, knowledge of the game, good stories. I'm sure everybody who is a NY baseball fan will remember him in their prayers.


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      Bobby you are in my prayers. You are strong and will overcome this. :cap:
      Check out my Yankee blog

      ~~~~Thanks for all of the great memories Mike~~~~~
      You have my HOF vote and good luck in the future now that you have retired. Thanks for the wins you gave the Yanks from 2001-2008. Have an enjoyable retirement.


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