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    Originally posted by Mission 27 View Post
    I just ordered that 100th Anniversary of the N.Y. Yankees DVD. It's not sold most places, but you can find it on

    $20 with 2-day shipping
    Why didn't you try E-Bay? As far as I remember, I got it cheaper overthere (without the shipping costs of course).

    But it is a great documentary. An absolute must for the real Yankee fan!!!


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      maybe the tapes of the older games (the 50's to the early 70's) isn't really that great. Technology has changed a lot since the 50's. There were no VCR's or DVD players in the 50's. How did they record games? Maybe there's not much footage. Maybe the quality is so poor that they can't show it. I'd be interested in seeing it, but I'd prefer not to see stuff in black and white. If they'd be able to add color to the black and white stuff, it would look a lot better.


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        Decent films of complete games before the '70s are certainly much less common, but I think the main thing is that they're (1) in black and white, and (2) filmed pretty "straight." That is, they don't have the variety of zooms, angles, and tracking that modern TV sports productions have. For a large segment of the audience which is accustomed to today's TV and movies, the films are going to seem "boring."


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