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Yankees arrest two fans for attempted larceny and criminal mischief at Opening Day

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  • Yankees arrest two fans for attempted larceny and criminal mischief at Opening Day

    Looks like the Yankees mean business this year when it comes to trying to take stuff from the stadium. This was a press release on

    The New York Yankees announced today that two fans were arrested during Tuesday's Opening Day game vs. the Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium for attempting to steal Stadium bunting and causing damage to the bunting and façade.

    Both fans were charged with attempted larceny and criminal mischief. Each charge is punishable by up to one year imprisonment and/or fines. They were detained and booked by the New York City Police Department and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Yankees have also revoked their season ticket accounts.

    "The Yankees look forward to making this final season at Yankee Stadium a magical event for every fan," said Yankees Chief Operating Officer Lonn Trost. "This type of destructive behavior will not be tolerated from the first game of the season through the last."

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    Oh c'mon, Yankee Stadium ain't that good(don't hurt me), let the fans loot a bit.


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      I am going to steal the red seat at Fenway

      I think they don't want the same thing to happen that happened at the last game before the renovation when people went nuts and riped stuff out of the stadium.
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        If you stole that seat I'd be forced to put a .45 caliber bullet in your skull.
        (I'm kidding, I'd just use a .22)LOL


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          Good for the club. These clowns deserve a night in jail and a stadium ban.


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            Anyone remember the expansion Washington Senators last game? The fans were going crazy, ripping everything out of the stadium that wasn't nailed down-including scoreboard lightbulbs.
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