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Need Help Regarding My First Yankees Game

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  • Need Help Regarding My First Yankees Game

    Hi, folks:

    When I was 9 or 10 years old, I remember attending my first Yankees game at the old stadium. I think it was Cap Day and the Yanks were playing the Detroit Tigers in April of 1970 or 1971. I don't remember which year it was and have been trying to obtain this information, but no luck. I'd like to get a box score from that game as it was my first, and I remember being awestruck that Horace Clarke was playing 2nd base. Whoa, have times changed.

    Anyway, any help you could provide would be much appreciated.



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    This link will get you started, but it looks like you will have to pay to get the full article. But if it has that much sentimental value to you, go for it...except Cap Day in 1970 was against Oakland. I'll go search for 1971 too.

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      I think I remember, now ...

      Thanks for your help. But I'm now convinced that it was opening day, not cap day, in 1971. I know it was in April vs. the Tigers and the Yankees won. I did a bit of research, and it looks like it was April 13, 1971.

      I know it's pretty silly ... reminiscing about one's first game. But, as I get older (and we look toward a new stadium in '09), I'm beginning to get nostalgic.

      Thanks again.


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        If you need the full box score here it is
        Check out my Yankee blog

        ~~~~Thanks for all of the great memories Mike~~~~~
        You have my HOF vote and good luck in the future now that you have retired. Thanks for the wins you gave the Yanks from 2001-2008. Have an enjoyable retirement.


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