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so Phil Hughes was a Red Sox fan before we drafted him?

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  • so Phil Hughes was a Red Sox fan before we drafted him?

    this is my understanding

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    Originally posted by blackout805 View Post
    this is my understanding
    That explains why he is doing so bad at the moment...


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      Yea i guess so...oh well he plays for the right team now
      New York Yankees
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        Craig Hanson was a Yankee fan growing up and we (Sox) drafted him...he has sucked very badly since we drafted him sooooooooooooo

        i propose a Hanson for Hughes trade. what do you say


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          Truth. Jesus Montero was also a Sox fan before we gave him 2 millions dollars.

          I also recently read that Buccholz was a Yankees fan growing up because he played shortstop and <3'd Jeter.
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            Wasn't Papelbon a Yankees fan before joining the Sox?


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              Why all the hate-on for Boston fans? If it weren't for the Red Sox, the Yanks would not have had as successful a history as they have. Seems to me many of the better Sox players were traded or sold to the Yankees beginning with the Babe and continuing for a number of years.

              You guys should CELEBRATE the Red Sox! BWAAHAHA! :applaud:
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                Good thing Damon Oppenheimer saved his soul before it was to late
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