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    Got another question.

    When the Yankees played the Dodgers in all those series- whether Brooklyn or L.A.- did you always want the Yanks to play them, or did you ever say, "I'd like to see something different from the N.L."

    If any of you were Yankee fans in the Reggie Jackson era, did any of you guy think, "I'm getting sick of the Dodgers. I'd like to play the Phillies instead".?
    "It's time to play America's favorite game- Name That Molina."

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    Are you kidding? The competition between Yankee and Dodger fans was even tougher than the present day Sox-Yankee rivalry. Don't you know that on any given work site anywhere in the city, half the workers rooted for Yanks and the other half for the Dodgers?...Ditto, local neighborhoods, although old time fans had their share of Giant loyalists. 3 major league teams made New York the capitol of all of baseball and it was a grand time to be a baseball fan....Football, basketball and hocky were of less interest in the 40s & 50s. I should know, since I was there.


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      The Yankees' greatest all time rival was BROOKLYN. The tension, pressure, and stakes were unimaginable. We HAD to win. There was no other choice.

      By the middle of the 1950s, I hoped another team would win the NL pennant, but that was wrong. You can't and shouldn't root to play a team. In 1957, Milwaukee won the pennant. Losing to them would have been terrible, and the only consolation would be that at least it wouldn't be as bad as losing to Brooklyn. It was.
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