I love tailgating at Yankee games and have been doing it for several years now but this season has been difficult for people who love to show up a few hours before the game starts and hang out.

At the two games I have been to this year, I have parked on the top deck of the garage 3 which is on River between 162nd and 164th streets. Now over the last couple of years we were able to grill and drink without having any issues. However, this year the park police have been out in numbers. We were told yesterday that they will write fines for barbecuing in the lots.

The Yankees should make the tailgating experience easier for fans. I, for one, would rather show up early and eat in the lot and not spend $6 on a hot dog and $12.50!! on a beer.

Has anyone else had issues as well? Does anyone know of another parking lot that has little park police action?