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Yanks should take torontos lead

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    Originally posted by Urbanshocker13 View Post
    nope, the Yanks would have to put him on waviers and some would nab him & the yanks still might have to pay him. Like it or not they are stuck with him.
    Long live looooong term contracts...


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      Giambi is another case of allowing the team to get too old.
      Yes, he hit two homers last night, but overall, he is more of a liability to the team the past couple years. I say this not based just on his slow start, but his overall performance the past couple seasons as well.
      They have started to get younger, but overall waited too long to do so, and now have players like Giambi, Mussina, and quite frankly, Damon, who, although starting to finally get going this season, is nowhere near the player he was with the Red Sox, when he utterly clobbered the Yankees.
      He and Giambi are examples of players they got who had their best seasons with other teams. By no means the only ones.


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