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Worst Yankees Team since the late 60's

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  • Worst Yankees Team since the late 60's

    My dad, an old baby boomer keeps telling me over and over that this has been the worst Yankees team since the late 60's. What do you guys think?

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    It's still very early in the season and the team has been ravaged by injuries so far. Was your dad saying the same thing last year when the team was trying to stay out of the cellar in late May? It's a long season, a lot can happen. Also, the teams from the '89-'92 stretch were just as bad as some of those late 1960s teams, if not worse. The 1990 team won just 67 games, the Yankees lowest total since 1918.


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      What!? Not even close!!! Does he not remember 90'-91'!! The Yanks really sucked then! It is still early yet, man have we gotten so spoiled that we forget what a bad team is!! I do see this as the Matt Knokes(sp) Mel Hall, Espenoza Yankees yet!! Read the thread I started, "Yankee Dark ages" that should help a little. I think people are starting to overreact just a little. We had injuries and Young pitchers struggleing, if the Yanks don't the playoffs this year so be it but it's way to earl to say that and this isn't the worst team since the CBS years!
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        That's going a bit overboard. ARod, Cano, Jeter,Matsui,Posada, Chamberlain, Rivera are better than any late 60s teams....The starting pitching for this season is bad but those 60s clubs had only Stottlemeyer & Peterson as dependable pitchers.


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          We are still there. I honestly still think the Yanks are amongst the favourites to win the pennant this year.
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            I think that is WAY premature. The Yanks have a lot of talent, just remains to be seen if the talent can stay healthy and perform. And, if management is willing to get rid of or not play high priced dead wood if it can't snap out of it (cough cough Giambi cough).
            You have some pitching options if Hughes and Kennedy can't get it together...I just don't see this as being a hopeless situation.

            (despite my bust on Jason, he does have a lot of runs and RBIs for a guy with his BA...OBP and slugging actually aren't horrid)
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