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Live and Die by the reliever

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  • Live and Die by the reliever

    Yanks/ Orioles Monday afternoon. When will they ever learn. You got a pitcher doing a great job.............OH wait a minute, it's the seventh inning, he has to come out. So what if he's doing a great job, it's the seventh inning and the starter, he's still pitching good.......we can't have that bring in the reliever..

    It's the mind set of todays managers, six or seven innings, we got to go to the bullpen...........things are going too good, I'll fix that.

    Why when the starting pitcher is pitching a great game losing 1-0, coastng, under control. You know his condition in this game your watching it, you have no idea what the condition of the reliever is on that day. Well, looks like we found out. I don't blame Hawkins or who ever follows, Giardi makes the call.

    I could see a change in later innings but Joe could see that Rasner still had it and it's that old sixth or seventh inning strategy over used on todays game.
    I had a bad feeling before Hawkins threw the first pitch. I saw Joe look out after Hawkins gave up run number two, what are you looking at Joe, do you know you screwed this on up.

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