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  • hello from nyc

    sitting in a burger king at ground zero. went to that game sunday when we got the 8th inning rally going. my first visit to the stadium and it was electrifying. what a rally and then to get to see mo closing like that. fantastic. what a holiday!

    then our apartment has this massive tv and the yes network. just an orgy of yanks every day. watched them blow that 10-9 the other night (talk about throwing it away). solid last night though, very solid.

    this is one amazing city.

    let's go yankees.

    kind regards,

    stands on shifting sands...

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    Glad to hear you're having a good time, Michael. NYC is an amazing place to visit. I've been in that BK, too...that was a rather sober meal for me after seeing Ground Zero a few years ago. Or, was I in a McD's? Can't remember...
    You may have posted your plans here before, but, are you planning any visits outside of NYC while you're in the US?
    "I throw him four wide ones, then try to pick him off first base." - Preacher Roe on pitching to Musial


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      Originally posted by mjrennie View Post
      just an orgy of yanks every day.

      That made me laugh; glad you're having a great time, man.


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        well, back in the uk now after an amazing week. must see more of the states, it is a truly remarkable country. just love it, i reckon you have got so many things sorted like they should be. and at nearly 2 bucks for a quid too, we had a ball!

        the ground zero thing is just, well, no words really.i kept looking up at the sky where they would have stood and thinking about what was there and then how they came down.

        btw, got myself a yanks jersey...the one with both patches on, proper sewn on jobs from the clubhouse on 59th street. cost a lot, but then again, 2 dollars for a quid!
        stands on shifting sands...


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