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Red Sox ---Yankees (seeking May 9-11 tickets)

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  • Red Sox ---Yankees (seeking May 9-11 tickets)

    I'm a big Yankee fan from Montana...Plan on attending games in May...9,10,11...Would like to get some good tickets at a reasonable price...Any suggestions or am I at the mercy of the Big Ticket sellers ? ? Thanks for any and all suggestions....

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    Perhaps you should post this in the Yankees forum. It definitely shouldn't be here in CE.

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      Moved to the Yankee forum.

      My only recommendation here would be the ticket outlets. I'm not familiar with any in Montana, which has no MLB teams, but uses Ticketron.

      There are also online sites, but the Yankee-Red Sox tickets would definitely be amongst the pricier "prime" tickets.

      I'm guessing that the Tue-Thu series in May you'd mentioned would be easier to get than weekend series between the two teams, but see about this early, before the better seats would've been taken (if not done already).
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        I always thought they used ticket master. If this is the case...Ticketron SUCKS. I hate buying tickets off of
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