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Whos is the Yankees new closer going to be?

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  • Whos is the Yankees new closer going to be?

    Mariano Rivera got injured today shagging flyballs and i'm curious if any Yankee fans know who may take over the closer role.

    It sounds like it's gonna be Soriano but Roberson may take the spot too. I have Mariano on my fantasy baseball team so I need a closer. I gotta try to pick one up before somebody else takes em.
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    It should be Robertson. He's been one of the best relievers in baseball. Soriano will move to the 8th.


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      It should be David Robertson, he's earned the spot my book. Though he seems to excel in tight situations, so you may want to keep him for troubled spots.


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        I think robertson deserves it too but this view
        Originally posted by NJYankeeFan View Post
        I know others will disagree. But I want Soriano as the Closer.

        Robertson is too valuable to be pigeon-holed like that and too useful to get big outs.

        Also, having anyone replace Mo is a recipe for failure. Rather let Soriano be that failure and let Robertson replace him. Then there is cost. A good 3/4 season as closer might get Soriano's value high enough that he walks after the season. even if not, it will at least keep Robertson's value manageable through arbitration.

        It's not fair to Robertson, but make Soriano the Closer.

        also makes sense. first of all he did a great job in the 8th. so why remove him from there?

        Also while everyone loves him right now being the successor of a legend is very hard. as long as he dominates everything is fine but as soon as the slightest slump comes around (and everyone has them-even mariano had one or two per year- most pitchers have more) fans and media will be all over him. we all have seen how joba and now hughes are treated.

        so maybe it would be the best to let an experienced veteran like soriano take over and then promote robertson next season. being the successor of soriano is much easier than being the direct successor of Mo.

        but of course he would really deserve it and not promoting him would be a blow against him but in the end it might be better to wait for him to close till next season. and if soriano struggles and blows a couple you could still speed this up and promote robertson.
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          Soriano also makes sense in case of Rivera deciding to come back next year. Rather have him get shuffled around while keeping Robertson in the same spot.
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            Soriano succeeded the great J.P. Howell in Tampa Bay, so this should be a piece of cake.
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