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RIP Bill King

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  • RIP Bill King

    Longtime A's announcer Bill King Passed away today from complications from hip surgery.
    Lets get Eddie Basinski elected to the Polish Sports Hall of Fame.

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    I am just now hearing of Bill King's passing. An earlier post I had, questioned why I wasn't hearing him on broadcasts. I am a fan of baseball on the radio, and Mr. Bill King was one of the best. I loved his calls of Warriors games the best....HOLY TOLEDO!!!!!!! May God bless his soul, his family, and those who loved him.......


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      There's an article on Bill King right here.

      RIP Bill King.You will be missed.


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        Man, this hurts. I didn't see this coming at all.

        Rest in peace, you'll be missed... Godspeed!
        WAR? Prove it!

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          a true legend.
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            It's quite a shame that this man wasn't honored earlier , and is not already in either the Football ,Baseball , or Basketball HOF's for sportscasters..Ken Korach is a fine announcer but it won't be the same listening to A's games on the radio without Bill King...


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              Bill King is Bay Area legend. He was a well-known Raider announcer before he began broadcasting the A's, and he used to broadcast the NBA Golden State Warriors, too. He had a fantastic career. Anyone of us would consider ourselves very fortunate to have lived the life that he did.

              The A's will be wearing a patch on their uniforms this year featuring a microphone and the words "HOLY TOLEDO" in his honor.


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