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Oakland A's Photo History - Every Player From 1968 Thru 2019

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  • Oakland A's Photo History - Every Player From 1968 Thru 2019

    I have put together a complete player photo history CD of the Oakland A’s from 1968 through 2018.….every player……over 2900 photos. Player photos are grouped together on the CD in the order of each player’s first year on the A’s roster. Every photo has a description under it as follows: "1995 John Doe SS 95-99" meaning he was a shortstop for the A’s from 1995 through 1999.
    The only photos of players pictured in another team’s uniform are listed below.
    If you have a photo of even just one of the players listed below in an A’s uniform or, if obtaining a copy of the photo CD interests you, please contact me at [email protected].
    Again, I’m only looking for digital photos (e.g., JPEGs) that can be emailed. Willing to trade and help you with your photo collection.
    1979 Milt Ramirez
    1980 Randy Elliot
    1987 Alejandro Sanchez,
    1989 Bill Dawley, Chris Bando
    1994 Jeff Schaefer, Junior Noboa, Mike Brumley
    1996 Paul Fletcher
    1997 Eric Ludwick, John Johnstone, Tilson Brito
    1999 Greg McMichael
    2000 Marcus Jones
    2005 Alberto Castillo

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