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Rich Harden. One of the best?

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  • Rich Harden. One of the best?

    I am not an A's fan but I am a fan of great pitching. I don't care what team a guy is on, if he is a good pitcher then I will have interest in him.

    All I can say is that the A's are very lucky to have Rich Harden on their team. I know Billy Beane has a rep for letting guys go when their contracts are coming up. If he lets Harden go because of money later on then he is crazy. Harden is already one of the top pitchers in baseball and he is only going to get better. It's amazing to watch him pitch and see how good he is only to remember how young he still is. You almost think it would be impossible to get any better but he still can. He still has a lot to learn and already he dominates batters. If he improves much more then he will be downright scary. Really all I could see him improving just a bit is his change-up. If he perfects his change-up he could wind up making Yohan Santana look bad.

    You know what, I hope Billy Beane does let him go and my Cubs pick him up (fat chance right?). He would look awfully good in Cubbie Blue!
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    Harden is great- no doubt about it. I just hope he can pitch one solid year without looking like Kerry Wood. (that was a bad joke, sorry!) But Harden is good, but Blanton can really pop too, so watch for him to have a breakout year!
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      My preseason pick for AL Cy Young...ok ok, it might seem biased, but really - it's a complete possibility at this point
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