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A's Release Manny Ramirez!

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  • A's Release Manny Ramirez!

    I think Manny Ramirez "dejuiced" won't perform well offensively.
    For the Sacramento River Cats in 63 at bats NO homers only 3 doubles and the other hits all singles. Michael Taylor and Daric Barton are playing better offensively for Sacramento than Ramirez did and can play defensively too, something Ramirez has given up!

    I'm sure another team will give Ramirez a chance and probably be disappointed!
    Dreadlocked slugger Manny Ramirez, 14th overall on baseball's all-time home-run list, will...
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    No problems with this. Especially since he never came up when he was aloud too. Not doing enough damage in AAA to be called up to take someone like Cowgills spot or something.


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      Yeah, I saw this story. I didn't want to post it & give Manny any more attention that he doesn't deserve, LOL.
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